TP200 soundbar – TP TUBE

27-01-2015 02:50:27

A complete Soundbar & soundsystem for those who prefer the best. The concept has been seen before but we have taken experience of our high-end line and added new knowledge and technology that makes this All-in-one music system a great Furniture…

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11-07-2012 01:57:53

TP Radio also produce products specially developed for mobile use. All these devices are designed for operation in difficult environments. The devices that we can supply are         Chip payment terminal Taxi meter Mobile printer. Typical users…

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Modification of service rate

27-06-2012 11:33:28

As pr. 01.03.2012 the service repair rate has been modified. This means that 1 hour is now DKK 650,00 ex. tax. Opening hours for workshop is Monday thru Thursday 9.00-15.00 & Friday 9.00-14.00. Lunch break at 12.00-12.30. Above normal holydays…

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TP8000 Atlantis GSM-R for Railroads

27-06-2012 11:32:55

The TP8000 GSM-R Hand Portable radio is designed for analog two way voice and data communication for railroads on the GSM-R frequency bands. It is a unique product as the design combines outstanding mechanical robustness with the state of the art technology and user friendliness.

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Coast Station Radio with technical specifications of the highest standard

27-06-2012 11:31:16

Our new VHF MARITIME Coast Station Radio is now ready. This new MARITIME VHF radio is developed especially for coastal stations or where there are requirements for the high technical specifications by the standard EN301929.

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Overvoltage protecting device with noise filter

27-06-2012 11:27:33

SF 1000

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New website

27-06-2012 11:16:20

Our website is under constant development, hence the pages are changing continously. Technical specification are subject to change without prior notice.

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