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1 Contact Information

2 What are cookies?

3 Remove or block cookies

4 Why we use cookies

5 Individual Information


1 Contact Information

TP Tube

Agenavej 35-37

2670 Greve

Phone: +45 43 90 60 48



2 What are cookies?

Cookies are very small text file stored on your computer, tablet, mobile or whatever you use to go on our

website. The cookie contains no personal information, and no virus.


3 Remove or block cookies

On you can read guides to erase or block cookies from was different browsers. This

information is in Danish.


4 Why we use cookies

We use cookies to know how many people visit our site and for how long, etc.. We use this information to

improve our website so users stay longer and click on more things.

The cookies we use are Google Analytics. If you do not want to contribute to it, you can opt out of the

cookies via this link.


5 Personal Information

We only store personal data while purchasing and during customer relations. The information stored is

simply to be able to contact the person about services and projects. The information is also used to invoice.

Contact regarding personal information.

Would you like to know what information we have on you at TP Tube, you can write to or

phone 22482002 if we have wrong information, or if you object, you can ask us to correct them through the

aforementioned channels . You have the opportunity to gain insight into what information is stored about

you and you may object to the registration under the provisions of the Privacy Act.

Protection of personal data

The Privacy Act ensures that your information must be maintained securely and confidentially. TP Tube

stores your personal information on computers that only we have access to. However, we can not

guarantee the security when the data is transmitted over the Internet. It is simply impossible to give a 100

percent guarantee. The risk of other unwanted intruders from your data is present, but unlikely. This means

that you provide your personal information at your own risk.

The Internet is constantly evolving, and therefore it may be necessary for us to change our text about your

personal data. When we do that, we of course also aware it here.

According to the Personal Data Protection Act you have the right to know what personal data that relates

to you. If it turns out that the information or data we have about you is incorrect or misleading, you have

the right to require rectification, erasure or blocking. You can always object to that information about you

is treated. You can always undo your consent. If you want to complain, you can contact the Data Protection



What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file-wee websites store on your computer so that they can recognize you the next

time you visit a website. The file can not spread viruses or other malicious software to your computer.

What information is stored in cookies?

There can be 4 Kbytes in a cookie file. It is not much more than what can be on an A4 page. Often listed in

the cookie;

– The name of the server where the cookie is stored.

– Lifetime of the cookie.

– An ID, often randomly generated, which is used to recognize the user when it is back on the site that

generated the cookie or just navigate the page.

What kind of cookies we use?

We use so-called ‘browser cookies’, also called’ HTML cookies.

What do we use cookies for?

We only use cookies to keep statistics about our users. The statistics we use so to try to make our site even

more attractive to our users.

Is there any risk of using cookies?

There is no risk in cookies. They are passive files. They can not spy on your computer or spread malware

and viruses to your computer.

Are there personal in my cookies?

No, not in our cookies. Our cookies are only used for anonymous statistics in Google Analytics. It is almost

only online banks that stores personal data in cookies and in those cases, they must indicate that they are

doing it.


Can I decide about cookies?

Yes, all browsers can be set to only accept cookies you approve. In most browsers, you can also select

which cookies you want and what you do not want. Turn cookies off, you may experience problems with

web shops, that can not remember what you put in your cart.


How long is a cookie stored?

It depends on how long the site has set their cookies to store. Typically, a cookie is saved 12 or 24 months –

the cookie is renewed each time you visit the site, and disappears if you delete it.

Third-party cookies, what is it?

Some sites have advertisements from suppliers that have their own cookies. The kind of cookies are subject

to the same kind of rules as regular cookies.


Will cookies to flood my computer?

No. Cookies are very small text files around 4 Kbytes. It is very limited.


Read more about cookies here (English)